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注目オペラ歌手(21)ゾルターン・ニャーリ(Zoltán Nyári, 1970-, ハンガリー)(T)

▼ゾルターン・ニャーリ(Zoltán Nyári, 1970-, ハンガリー)(T)
けっして若手ではない(1970年生まれなので今年45歳)が、Kleine Zeitungの18日付の記事で初めて名前を知ったテノール歌手。同記事によると、グラーツ歌劇場で17日(土)プルミエの《死の都(Die tote Stadt)》で当初のパウル役(J. Chum)の代役として大成功を収めたとのこと。NAXOSに掲載されている英文プロフィール(下記参照)によると、2010年からゼンパー(ドレスデン)の専属ソロ歌手のようだが、スケジュールを見ると、出演しているのはブダペストでの公演がほとんど。
Zoltán Nyári began his musical studies on the violin. Ten years later he was admitted to the University of Drama and Film of Budapest, where he graduated as an actor in 1993. He started his professional training as a singer after university, and singing gradually assumed an important rôle in his career. He studied singing with Magda Nádor, and was a member of the Operetta Theatre of Budapest between 1996 and 2006, touring with the company. He won the Jászai Mari Prize in 2005 and has been a soloist of the Hungarian State Opera from 2005. He won the Best Male Performer as well as the Audience Prize at the 2009 Opera Competition with Mezzo Television. He has been a soloist at the Dresdner Semperoper since 2010.


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